Our company and our product.

LLC "Monolit" is a certificated manufacturer of wooden glued beam. The wooden beam is used as an element of casing of floorings. It is intended for perception of vertical loads at installation of the armouring and concreting during preparation and manufacturing of monolithic reinforced concrete constructions of interfloor floorings. It is also used in geodetic works at adjustment of a horizontal surface.

The wooden beam represents the two flanged element that connected with a rack of plywood between. The flanges are all-in-one tree with grooves and the rack is a plywood grade FSF tenoned in grooves with Kestokol D4 Polar glue and Kestokol F hardener. The wooden beam is covered by water-dispersive paint of yellow color according to TU 2316-001-56819930-01. It is made of a pine wood not below II grade in accordance with GOST 9463 and plywood in accordance with GOST 3916.1 and GOST 3916.2

Our office and sales department are located in Moscow. If you buy wooden beam you can ship it in about 7 working days from our warehouse from the day of payment. It is situated in 20 km from MKAD. We can also provide delivery services for our buyers - auto and railway transportation.

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